Welcome to DustiD

Our 5-year vision is to build the world’s most trusted address capture and validation platform.

Distributing over 20 million addresses per week, servicing thousands of companies across the globe with annual revenues of over £50 million. As we reach critical mass within each territory our partners will benefit from the World’s largest and most accurate delivery address dataset compiled and updated by their customers.

Our portfolio of partners will include retailers, financial institutions, utility and delivery companies.  

DustiD will revolutionise address distribution across the globe, enabling future generations to look back in disbelief at the antiquated way that we store and distribute personal information prior to data mobility platforms like DustiD.

With data breaches, GDPR and other expected regulatory legislation, consumers are increasingly looking to take back control of their personal data.

Emerging data mobility platforms like DustiD will lead the way in ensuring personal details are collected, stored and distributed in a process that protects their privacy and data security

Like Amazon who went from books to everything in between, our wedge into the address capture market will be targeted through the UK’s £4 billion online gifting sector. Everyone wants to be a better friend. By enabling consumers to more easily complete an ‘in the moment’ or planned purchases, especially on mobile devices, Gift retailers will be able to convert additional purchases that would previously have been abandoned.

DustiD is a service that gifters will love to use and share because it delivers an emotional response to both the gifter and the recipient. Who doesn’t need more love in their life! DustiD enables those purchases which we continually procrastinate over. Cards, gifts or anything else in-between chosen, posted…done& DustiD.

As an aggregator service like Uber and PayPal, we understand that the value of our service only scales by attracting both commercial organisations and users.

DustiD will win because we’re simple to use, convenient and there’s plenty of upside with 6 billion smart phone users around the world.

DUSTiD will change the way the world addresses its mail.

  • revolutionising the way addresses are stored, collected and distributed across any platform
  • repurposing the ubiquitous mobile phone number into a checkout optimisation tool  
  • enabling technology to reflect the change in socio-economic and consumer behaviour as we increasingly relying on technology to manage social and professional connections
  • providing a free service to online buyers that makes their online purchasing much simpler
  • A catalyst for voice e commerce via DustiD connected smart speakers. i.e.  “Alexa buy chocolates from Thornton’s and deliver to mum”. DustiD will make it that easy.
  • Reducing key-strokes when completing the longest form within the checkout will reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase ‘in the moment purchases’, especially on mobile devices.
  • DustiD enabled automated postal machines (APM) located in airports, post offices and other public places, increasing postal options for the consumer by providing independent address and ship services
  • When moving to a new house update new address details to utilities, financial institutions and vendors in one click via the DustiD app
  • providing a unique method of sending items to anyone, anywhere, even if you do not know the actual postal address
  • increasing the security and protection of personal data for buyers and recipients, reducing the need to share personal address details with strangers on platforms such as Ebay, Amazon Marketplace
  • reducing shopping cart abandonment so retailers will experience increased conversions, reduced customer acquisition costs and improved operational efficiencies, whilst delighting their customers with a user-friendly interface.
  • Direct driverless Ubers to a location using just a mobile number
  • Ensuring all items are mailed or delivered to a preferred delivery address which reduces failed first-time deliveries, the need for click and collect, central collection points or unofficial collections from neighbours.

Our global IPO will underpin our ability to remain independent by securing financial stability and resources to challenge new and existing incumbents into the sector. Growth through internal expansion will be complimented via a localised acquisition strategy.

An acquisition strategy will be a more efficient way to gain access to new clients, datasets, and capabilities and, to expand into new markets. The earnings impact of the acquisitions, the additional datasets, customers and expanded geographical presence will be key drivers as we scale internationally.

DustiD will win because we bring simplicity, convenience, and security to the world’s 6 billion mobile users.